Richard Semper


Creating a really good soundfont takes considerable time. It requires really good sampling, and attention to detail especially with the looping. Also the Vienna soundfont Studio editor is not easy to get to grips with, although with effort it can be very rewarding.

The editor Vienna v2.3(1998) is the one I use, as Vienna 2.4(2005) was poorly implemented and seems half written. Unfortunately v2.3 is 16 bit and not compatible with 64 bit operating systems - we need a proper editor for modern systems that is easier to use.

Version 2.4 is available for download from various sites.

I think this technology is far too good for us to allow it fall by the wayside. Too many soundfont sites are struggling, and Creative don't seem to be supporting it that well. So I applaud those who are currently developing for the format.

There are various utilities available for midi and soundfont. You can even get a utility enabling use of soundfonts without a compatible card, to work with your sequencer through VST, or standalone players, although these do have the limitation of using the CPU like VST instruments.


Midi sequencer for soundfont, VST plugin player, and Viena editor Beta version. I’m hoping this last will be a de-facto replacement for the Vienna Soundfont Studio. It certainly has promise.