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The One Synth Challenge is a monthly music competition. The challenge is to create a track with just one virtual synthesizer used for all sounds including percussion.

The KVR Audio web site hosts the OSC and forums, and check out all my entries on soundcloud at: hard-semper (you can see what comments others have made).

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Thorney Isle - Thorn    (November 2017)

Excellent synth by Dmitry Sches. Used plenty of atmosphere, faux strummed sounds and growly bass for a lighthearted exploration of this synth.

Spring Your Own Song - Lord of the Springs (June 2017)

Unusual synth created by Taron, based on spring interactions. Made a simple little melodic track with a laid back atmospheric feel.

Unspritely Behaviour - vst2413    (May 2017)

Simple synth emulating an 8 bit sound chip, with no interface. The theme here is resurrecting an old arcade machine and having trouble with unruly sprites.

Soar with me - SynthMaster One    (April 2017)

Uplifting melodic trance track. This month we could choose which synth to use, and Synthmaster One was only just released.

Trek Track - Hy-mono    (January 2017)

Attempt at a recreation of imaginary scenes from a classic Star Trek episode. This was created as a playful sound design exercise.

We are go - Synth1    (December 2016)

My second entry with Synth1. Reminiscent of 80s synthpop.

Who we are? - Digits    (October 2016)

Melodic track, attempting to recreate the atmosphere of a 1940s church and choir.


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