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All tracks copyright © 2010-2018 Richard Semper - All rights reserved
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The One Synth Challenge is a monthly music competition. The challenge is to create a track with just one virtual synthesizer used for all sounds including percussion.

The KVR Audio web site hosts the OSC and forums, and check out all my entries on soundcloud at: hard-semper (you can see what comments others have made).

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Trail of the Whale - U-He Tyrell N6    (September 2016)

Driving rhythms, filter swept pads and uplifting melody for my September entry
Another great sounding U-He synth!

Clear Vinyl Promo - TAL Noizemaker    (June 2016)

This entry is an 80s synthpop effort, minus vocals which I may add later.

Almost did not make it this month as the muse took a holiday, so ended up rushing this together in the last few days.

Night Drive - U-he Podolski    (May 2016)

My 24th entry is a Late night journey, with a slight detour in the middle. Nice synth, made a lot of patches for it, most of which did not ultimately get used in this track.

Hopelessly Romantic - Xhip    (March 2016)

Romantic melody following on from the Lost in the Jungle themes, using carefully programmed synth string atmospheric chords. XHip looks small and simple, but has some depth.

Singing Cristal - MaxSynths Crisalys    (February 2016)

Inspired by Anne McCaffrey's Crystal Singer series of books, this is ambient and atmospheric with question/answer melody.

Lost in the Jungle Ch5 - Mpowersynth   (January 2016)

Follow up to my Junglist tune. Lots of wild animal sounds and jungle atmosphere. Listen for the outro on piano and pan-flute sounds.

Sand Devil - MUX   (October 2015)

My Favourite synth to date. Was able to create electric guitars, piano, drums etc easily with this and went wild with synth sounds!

Letting Go - Lokomotiv   (September 2015)

Three beat melody, layered with echoes, reverbs and some dramatic percussions.

The synth sounds high quality, with a simple interface. Percussions were tough to tame.

Merry Go Round - Elektrostudio OR2v   (August 2015)

A simple warm melody and bouncy rhythm, slightly reminiscent of some old fairground sounds, but with a trancey edge.

Beautiful Creatures - Charlatan   (2 July 2015)

Melodic trance, with lots of little arpeggios and effects. Many of my favourite kinds of electronic sounds.

The synth is very easy to program and the sounds are high quality, so was enjoyable to work with it.

Mantra Rocks! - Mantra Evo   (June 2015)

This synth has an interesting distortion module, so I could not resist having a go at some electric guitar synthesis. This track is a blend of two parts, one ambient, with distorted bells and the other with a catchy rock-pop riff. Watch out for the mad solo near the end!

Inter-Ducing PG-8X - PG-8X   (May 2015)

Easygoing electronic sounds and melody in an eighties pop style .

3am On A Moonlit Bay - Dexed  (April 2015)

Crashing waves form a backdrop to this acoustic sounding piece, with a silky guitar sound and accompanying saxophone. Has a dreamy feel, with an experimental chord progression designed to use every note and cross several musical scales.

Dexed is an emulation of the old DX7 hardware synth, which uses Frequency Modulation (FM) to generate rich and complex sounds.

Apparition - Synthmaster Player-Free by KV331 Audio (March 2015)

Spooky but melodic, dark atmospheric track. Soundtrack style starts with low rumble, build and incidental sounds, to a yearning yet disturbing melody and a final compulsive build to the end.

Made with the free version of Synthmaster Player, along with some sounds submitted by other entrants to the competition to help those of us not using the full version.

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