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All tracks copyright © 2010-2018 Richard Semper - All rights reserved
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The One Synth Challenge is a monthly music competition. The challenge is to create a track with just one virtual synthesizer used for all sounds including percussion.

The KVR Audio web site hosts the OSC and forums, and check out all my entries on soundcloud at: hard-semper (you can see what comments others have made).

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Spaceport Eclipsis - Eclipsis by (February 2015)

WINNER for February 2015

Electronic, pattern based rhythmic evolving dance tune with some sci-fi effects.

This synth has a lovely easy to use interface and a different approach to routing and modulating the sounds. Uses a lot of power, so not many instances, but with layered sounds and some dial twiddling it does sound rich and complex.

Destiny of Gods - Ragnarok by
Full Bucket Music & CrimsonWarlock
(December 2014)

Uplifting electronic track with heaps of reverb on arpeggiated chimes, and revisiting some arp patterns originally used in Airborne.

The synth by FullBucket & CrimsonWarlock is based on an old unique machine designed for synth leads. It has a signature growly bass lead which I used in this track.

If only - X-Jupitae Flexoid by CK Modules (November 2014)

A lament using more traditional instrument sounds such as flute, oboe, harp and strings. Gritty bell sounds and key change add gravity to the mid section.

This was a complex semi modular synth with huge potential, but difficult to learn. It does reward time spent though, and the developer made it available for free, along with some other synths and effects plugins.

The Rebel - Synth1 by Ichiro Toda (October 2014)

Tranquil opening with gentle pretty arpeggios, this leads to a full-on energetic 90s-ish trance tune with lots of attitude.

Synth1 is probably the most popular free synth, and has been used for two previous OSCs. This was my first go with it, combined with Jenny’s first go at a video using the free ‘magic’software. See it on YouTube.

Airborne into the Clouds - Digits by Extent of the Jam
A collaboration with Bjporter (September 2014)

A mystical journey created for the 67th OSC. Deep trance style with lots of melodic motifs and rhythmic arpeggios. I created sounds and melodies, Bjporter brought rhythms, arrangements, bass and production shine to it all.

Digits is a deceptively simple looking free synth based on phase distortion synthesis. I love the ease with which many different and amazingly good sounds can be made with it and really enjoyed using it. I did so much so quickly with it that there is definitely more to come...

So Will I Ever Really Know - SWIERK by SALTLINE (June 2014)

Created in just two days for the June challenge. Ambient opening, dramatic bass stabs and moody melodies, a builder. And it has grown on me...

Swierk is a great free synth by one of my favourite developers.

Cold Front - OBXD (March 2014)

A slightly chilled trance track with a lot of reverb for atmosphere. I had a kind of cold-war spy theme in mind, but not like in the movies.

A free emulation of the classic Oberheim synthesizer, this is a power hungry but easy to program synth.

See Happy Place album for new remix.

Communication Age - T-Force Alpha Plus (February 2014)

Pure trance feelgood track with plucky lead, heavy trance saws, builds, sweeps and drops - & some synth chatter for fun.

An OSC 5th Anniversary Special - entrants could use any one synth - free or commercial. I found this freebie on KVR and it sounded good for trance.

See Happy Place album for new remix.

Lost in the Jungle (ist) Chapter 1
Junglist by Synapse Audio
(January 2014)

A jungle soundscape with an aeroplane crash, tribal drums and lots of foliage. Second part is melodic with an 80s electronic vibe and a hook I can’t get out of my head.

This synth looked simple but it was really fun to program sound fx with it.

An Evening Cruise - Linplug Spectral (December 2013)

An ambient acoustic track backed with arpeggiated watery chimes. Inspired by Fleetwood Mac / Hank Marvin.

Used the final beta version of this very powerful commercial synth. Completed in just 3 days and one all-nighter on new years eve to make the deadline.

Slightly remixed for Happy Place album.

House of Pain  - Tunefish 3 by Brain Control (November 2013)

Off scale, out of time, and in a style I'm totally unfamiliar with. Features the synth speaking its own name! Energetic track with unique builds and drops.

A difficult challenge - the synth had a number of issues, most of which the developer fixed, providing updates as we went along. Was fun to be sort of beta testing it.

Joy of Flight - DuneCM by Synapse Audio (October 2013)

An uplifting melodic trance track - kind of 80s eurostyle rhythms. Plucky bass lead with heaps of reverb, magical ending.

My first entry for OSC. This competition was jointly sponsored by KVR and Computer Music Magazine. Participants could choose to use any one synth from those provided free with the monthly magazine.

DuneCM turned out to be the most popular choice - and was also used for the amazing winning entry “Missile Command” by BJ Porter - check it out online.

See my “Happy Place” album for new remix.

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